Contact Us

If you need to discuss any aspect of this conference with the organisers, please contact us using the form below, or send us an e-mail at:

The organising team for this conference are:

Christine Alexander (UNSW, Juvenilia Press, ISLJ)
Chris Danta (UNSW) 
Donna Couto (Juvenilia Press, UNSW)
Ryan Twomey (Macquarie University) 
Pamela Nutt (Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney)

We would like to thank the School of the Arts & Media, and the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, for their support in providing a venue for our conference, and a platform for our conference website.
We also gratefully acknowledge the technical support services provided by our Faculty Website Coordinator, Rowland Hilder, for his professional experience and assistance in setting up our conference website.  

A special thanks to the Australian Brontë Association for their sponsorship of the Brontë Juvenilia Sessions, with generous contributions made toward the publication of Emily and Anne Brontë’s The Diary Papers and its celebratory book launch.

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