“Juveniles and Juvenilia”

Stream: Teaching Juvenilia Panel
Date: Saturday, 21 May 2022
Time: 10.30 am – 12.00 pm


Pamela Nutt, having worked with gifted high school students to produce volumes for the Juvenilia Press, presents an argument for the extension of such an endeavour in the broader community of Juvenilia Studies. Understanding how high school students, themselves juveniles, engage with the writing of other young writers and how they develop critical insight demonstrate clearly the value of such a program. In the varying stages of research, editing and production, students engage not only with new knowledge and skills, but also with the interests of a tertiary institution accessible to them. By reflecting on how juveniles respond to a particular writer, to a study of context, and to choices about representation of text, the paper will argue for the value of engaging young people with the early writings of significant authors. The work of some of these students will be examined in order to evaluate the benefits of their particular involvement, the development of a mentor editor within the school, and connection with a community of scholars.


Pamela Nutt (Presenter), PLC Croydon
PAMELA NUTT is a former Head of English at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney. With her students, she has worked on four volumes for the Juvenilia Press. The subjects of these volumes have been drawn from late nineteenth and early twentieth- century Australia. She has also presented papers on the juvenilia of Australian poets Rosemary Dobson and Judith Wright.