Our Patron and Sponsors

Our Patron

Susan Maple-Brown AM at a Juvenilia Press Book Launch, September 2018

Susan Maple-Brown AM at a Juvenilia Press Book Launch, September 2018:
The Pirate by Branwell Brontë,
Australian Brontë Association Meeting, Sydney, Australia

Susan Maple-Brown AM, a benefactor of the arts and education, has enthusiastically supported the Juvenilia Press project in recent years. Together with her late husband, fund manager and philanthropist Robert Lee Maple-Brown, the Maple-Brown Family Charitable Foundation has funded university programs, established scholarships for Indigenous students and supported many cultural organisations in Australia, including The National Gallery of Australia, the Australian Ballet, and the Sydney Symphony. Susan and Robert attended a number of our Juvenilia Press book launches over the years, and since 2017 Susan has supported our editing projects through the UNSW Foundation. We are greatly honoured to have her as our Patron.

Our Sponsors

Juvenilia Press would like to thank the following sponsors for their financial support via the Donate link on our Homepage, which is managed by the UNSW Foundation, including those who have made anonymous donations:

  • Kathryn Hall
  • Laurie Langbauer and Terence Holt
  • Juliet McMaster, Founding Editor, Juvenilia Press
  • Pamela and Dennis Nutt
  • Lesley Peterson
  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College
  • Deanna Stanfield

Juvenilia Press is also grateful to members of the ISLJ, members of the ABA, and other friends who have made donations in other ways, including for the support of individual editions. 

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