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Early Writings by David Williamson Book Cover
  • ISBN: 978-0-7334-4112-7
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Early Writings by David Williamson

David Williamson is Australia's most successful and prolific playwright, at the forefront of introducing Australian stories to the stage and screen. Published here for the first time, this collection of early stories, poems, and plays––from Shakespearean parody to political satire––reflect his early love of storytelling, his power of observation and ear for dialogue, and the social and political realities of the day that characterise his major dramatic works.

Edited by Pamela Nutt, with others

Early Writings by Margaret Atwood
  • ISBN: 978-0-7334-3916-2
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Early Writings by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood's early works of fiction, drama and verse, with her colourful illustrations, are published here for the first time. They reflect her formative years in the woods of northern Ontario and Quebec, her engagement with animals, and the wide-ranging imagination and humour that also inform her novels.

Edited by Nora Foster Stovel and Donna Couto.

O Ye Jigs and Yuleps
  • ISBN: 978-0-7334-3714-4
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Virginia Cary Hudson’s O Ye Jigs and Juleps

Both knowing and naïve, pious and feisty, 10-year-old Virginia Cary Hudson brings her sharp observation to bear on the adults and children, churches and institutions of her home town, early-1900s Versailles, Kentucky. Essays for a teacher have never been so revealing, or so entertaining.

Edited by Jeffrey Bibbee, Lesley Peterson, and Leigh Thompson Stanfield, with Emily Cater, Danielle Holcombe, Catherine James, and Melissa Thornton.

Saved from the Waste–paper Basket
  • ISBN: 978-0-7334-3500-3
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'Saved from the Waste-paper Basket' & Other Stories: Herman Charles Bosman's Juvenilia

Written from the ages of sixteen to twenty-one, this first complete collection of Herman Charles Bosman’s juvenilia reveals the development of a complex, gifted student who became one of South Africa’s best-known authors. The stories bear the trademarks of his later satirical style and his irreverent worldview; and they provide insight into an Afrikaner childhood in the early twentieth century.

Edited by Mark Kretschmann

Eleanor Dark
  • ISBN: 978-0-7334-3373-3
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Eleanor Dark's Juvenilia

The award-winning Australian author, Eleanor Dark — known as "Pixie" O'Reilly when she was young — found encouragement for her creativity at Redlands school and began to form her identity as a writer. This volume celebrates her earliest publications in The Redlander, where her talents are clearly evident.

Edited by Jane Sloan, with others

Crossing Canada
  • ISBN: 978-0-7334-2993-4
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Hope Hook's Crossing Canada, 1907: The Diary of Hope Hook

In her diary of 1907, young Hope Hook records an exciting journey across Canada to Vancouver Island and back, by ship, rail and boat. Born to a family of artists, she is eager to observe the new country that will soon be her home, and all its people, flora and fauna.

Edited by Juliet McMaster and others.

The Gipsy Dancer & Early Poems
  • ISBN: 978-0-7334-2682-7
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Dorothy Hewett's The Gipsy Dancer & Early Poems

Dorothy Hewett, renowned Australian playwright and poet, grew up on a huge wheat and sheep farm in Western Australia. Her rural surroundings nurtured a rich imaginative life, recorded in poetry and in her first play The Gipsy Dancer. These previously unpublished works reveal her early dramatic flair and her youthful commitment to the world of words, with a subject matter surprisingly different from much of her later writing.

Edited by Christine Alexander, with others.

Margaret Atwood's A Quiet Game and other early works

Being young also means being helpless before the tormenting inequities, inexplicable savageries, and sheer power of our friends, our older siblings, our teachers, and our parents. In this collection of early works, Margaret Atwood never flinches from these truths about the condition of childhood and youth.

Edited by Kathy Chung and Sherrill Grace.

Marian Engel's Sunbeams from a Golden Machine

Art is the most important thing to young Marian Engel, and love a young woman's most dangerous temptation. "One chooses one's models and sets sail," she wrote later. "You set out and eventually become that elusive thing, yourself." These early poems and stories dramatise that process.

Edited by Afra Kavanagh and Tammy MacNeil.

Greg Hollingshead, Carol Shields, Aritha van Herk, and Rudy Wiebe's Early Voices

Listen to the "Early Voices" of four of Canada's premier writers: voices from the past that bear all the signs of youth as well as the promise of what would follow. Early Voices is unique in that each writer comments on his or her own youthful beginnings.

Edited by T. L. Walters and James King.

Philip Larkin's Phippy's Schooldays

A perceptive young writer sends up the establishment in a parody of Tom Brown's Schooldays, satirizing school discipline and the lack of it, bullies and goody-goodies alike, in a no-holds-barred put-down of pre-war England.

Edited by Brenda Allen and James Acheson.

Margaret Laurence's Embryo Words

In these early poems and stories by the young Margaret Laurence, here collected for the first time, we discover the "embryo words" of this first lady of letters that prophesy the features -- love of nature, hatred of war, interest in people, and sense of the individual voice -- that distinguish her mature fiction.

Edited by Nora Foster Stovel and others.

Margaret Laurence's Colors of Speech

A follow-up volume to Embryo Words: Margaret Laurence's Early Writings, Colors of Speech includes two further lyrics, and Laurence's first professional publication (a story discovered in the Winnipeg Free Press Young Authors Sections). The deeply moving narrative poem "North Main Car" articulates her social vision, and shows the budding novelist at work.

Edited by Nora Foster Stovel and others.

Malcolm Lowry's Satan in a Barrel

At sixteen, Malcolm Lowry was beginning the hard apprenticeship that would culminate in his masterpiece, Under the Volcano--one of the great twentieth-century works of fiction in the English language. These early stories give evidence of his sardonic eye and love of language.

Edited by Sherrill Grace.

Alison White's Pockets Full of Stars

A collection of poems for children, by a child, with a Christmas story thrown in.

Edited by Arlene Zinck.

Opal Whiteley's Peter Paul Rubens and Other Friendly Folk

The diary of a child extraordinarily sympathetic to animals and sensitive to poetry. Opal Whiteley amazingly began her diary when she was only six. Her poetic power, her instincts as a story-teller, her fortitude in coping with her mother's abuse, and her loving communion with animals and the natural world make this diary a deeply moving document.

Edited by Laura Cappello, Juliet McMaster, Lesley Peterson and Chris Wangler.

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