Teaching Units and Ideas

Are you a classroom teacher? Are you looking for ways to: teach the research paper? assign essays that have real audience and purpose? introduce classical authors in an engaging and non-threatening way? increase representation of women authors on your curriculum? validate and encourage creative writing by young people? teach visual literacy and representation? teach a multi-title fiction unit? expand your repertoire of teaching strategies?

The Juvenilia Press Literary Apprenticeship Project can help you do all these things and more! Included above are links to Teaching ideas and Sample units.

The Juvenilia Press began as a classroom project, and student involvement continues to be central to the preparation of each volume. Student editors, ranging from high school to post-graduate students, have learned about the intricacies of textual editing, the challenges of researching and writing introductions and annotations, and the production of engaging illustrations. Now your students can benefit from these entertaining, affordable volumes, too. We offer a 10% discount on bulk orders, and can help you plan units that fit within your budgets.

Keep reading to find out about some of the teaching units that we are able to provide, or work with you to develop. These units are very flexible, and a lesson suggested for one can in many cases be adapted (using different texts) for use in another.

We end with a sample unit worked out in greater detail: this demonstrates how studying juvenilia can help students reflect on their own reading and viewing experiences, prepare them for the study of an author's mature work, and lead to both creative and analytical assignments; it also identifies which General Outcomes the lessons and assignments are designed to help achieve.

We would encourage you to be creative using our services: combine classes, bring together the members of a teaching team, etc. We look forward to working with you and welcome your ideas and suggestions.

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